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When will my order be delivered?
Orders placed until 18:00 hrs are shipped on the same day and you receive them within 3 days at the latest.
Which shipping company will be sent by my order?
Your orders are shipped by Yurtiçi Kargo or by Turpex.
I don't have a shipping company where I'm contracted, and how do I get my order?
Podyumplus.com Turkey and all over the world is engaged in product delivery. If the cargo company we are contracted to is not available, it will be distributed within certain days from the Mobile Regions.
Do you provide overseas delivery?
We provide distribution only within the borders of Turkey at the moment.
How can I cancel my order?
To cancel your order, please call our Call Center on 0543 838 22 91 or write to us in the Contact section.
My order has arrived damaged, what should I do?
Your order is checked for damage before it is delivered. For this reason, our products prevent damaged shipment. However, if your product came in a damaged manner; After the cargo officer has delivered your order to your address, check the outer package for damage, and if it is damaged, prepare the Damage Detection Holder. If you see the damage after delivery, you should call the relevant branch and tell them to prepare the Damage Detection Holder. If the cargo branch does not assist you, please contact us as soon as possible.
How can I find out the shipping delivery status of my order?
please click ' where is my Cargo ' Button On the top of The site to find out where your cargo is
The products I ordered reached defective. What should I do?
If you send the product to us within the period of return, the necessary control will be made and the exchange of products / products will be ensured in our stocks. In case the product is not in stock, a refund will be made.
I want to change the delivery address of my order, What should I do?
In order to cancel your order, you must write to us by calling our number 0543 838 22 91 or by calling our 0850 346 89 76 Call Center or by contacting us through the Contact section.
Is there a distribution on public holidays?
Our Contracted Cargo company does not distribute on Public Holidays.
Why is my order invoice sent at the top of the package?
Legally, the order invoice must be sent on the package.
The prices of our products are inclusive of KDV.
Prices of our products are included in KDV.
Can I pay via wire transfer / EFT?
You can pay your orders via Money Order / EFT.
Is the Credit Card Installed?
Bonus, World, Maximum, CardFinans, AsyaCard, Paraf and Axess credit cards are available for purchases via PodiumPlus.com.
Can I pay at the door?
You can pay for your orders at the door with payment option.
Will I pay a fee for paying at the door?
Payment at the door is 5TL and cash payment or credit card payment is received at the door.
Is there a 7TL return payment fee at the door?
The service fee is not refunded.
Can I benefit from the installments at the door when I pay by credit card?
Payments made by credit card at the door are not made by installments.
I didn't have a product number on my order, can I make a change?
You can make changes if the number you want is in stock. You can change your call from our Call Center on 0543 838 22 91 & nbsp; with the help of our Customer Representative.
In my order, you can make changes within a few days when you receive the items.
You can change within 7 days of your order.
Am I paying shipping costs for exchange jobs?
If your exchange is not sent by defective / defective products, the shipping fee will be charged. We provide shipping fee for defective / incorrect shipments made by our company.
I have made the change, but the product number I've made a change I can change again?
Change can only be made 1 time. Also the refund of the changed order is not accepted.
How can I return my order?
In order for the return process to be made, you will see the ini Change & amp; You can send “PodyumPlus to your address by filling in the ile form.
Which products can I return?
The packaging of the product you want to return is undamaged, unused; the barcode must be undamaged, unbroken. You should return the items / products you want to return with the original box and all accessories. The right of withdrawal cannot be used for products that are disposable, deteriorated, expired, and are not subject to the law.
How many days can I return my products?
”Right of Withdrawal without Reason meden is 15 days.
Which address do I send my application?
Return Address “Address İ
How long does it take to return the product price?
All transactions related to the product you return will start from the moment your product arrives at our warehouse and will be concluded within 1 week.
How to return the product I received by installment payment option?
All of the product you receive with the installment payment option is returned to your credit card. The repayment of your refund by your bank is reflected on your card in installments.
Can I get a refund as a gift voucher instead of a refund?
PodyumPlus.com gift shopping with a lot of fun! You can use your withdrawal check without any time limitation.
How can I return my purchases at my door?
The return process for your cash payment order at the door will be finalized within 1 week from the time your product arrives at our warehouse. Reflection period for your credit card varies from bank to bank.