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Knit Trousers With Slit Trousers -İndigo

90,90 ₺ + Tax
99,99 ₺ (Tax Included)

Fabric Info:Knitwear
Size LengthWaist

  • Explanation:

  • The waist of the trousers, which attracts attention with its plain appearance, is flexible.
  • It does not show interior without lining. Standard size fits 36-38-40 size.
  • The product has an elastic waist and can be easily worn and removed.
  • You can easily use the product at any time of the day.
  • There may be a tonal difference in the product color due to concept shots.

  • Washing:

  • It can be washed at 30 degrees without wringing.
%100 Acrylic