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Pearly Heart Patterned Double Plate Knitwear Set -Dried rose

422,68 ₺ 183,32 ₺ %57

Size Length Chest Waist Shoulder Sleeve length
STD 92 126 124 53 60
Size Length Waist
STD 103 76

Tunic with half neck, heart pattern, pearl detail, side slit; Our wide leg knitwear suit model with elastic waistband of the trousers is among the most popular models of the new season.

You can easily buy it with a campaign and a discounted price, and you can easily use it outdoors during the autumn and winter seasons.

Depending on the user and the region, this product can also be called a comfortable knitwear suit, a daily knitwear suit, a seasonal knitwear suit, a winter knitwear suit, or a patterned suit.

It is a standard size and is compatible with the 36-42 size range.

We sell wholesale clothing and wholesale hijab models for boutiques and stores.

To purchase wholesale clothes and see our special wholesale prices, it is sufficient to become a member of our site and send your information to our whatsapp line 0545 695 05 91 for approval.

Note: The product content consists of tunic and trousers. (Shirts, shoes, bags and jewelry are used for decoration purposes.)

Note: There may be a tonal difference in the color of the product due to the concept shots.

Washing: Wash at 30 degrees.

  • Collar Half collar
  • Category Set
  • Fabri̇c En
  • Season Winter
  • Accessori̇es Pearly
  • Waist elastic waist
  • Leg Wide leg
  • Template Oversize

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