Metal Düğme Detaylı Tek Cepli Önü Kısa Gömlek - Light grey

2,10 TL Puan
104,99 TL 69,99 TL
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Pattern / Style:Full Mold
Mannequin SizeSTD
Arm lenght

Our front buttoned, single pocket, short front and long back shirt model is among the most trendy models of the new season.

The front of the shirt is 72 cm.

You can easily buy it with a campaign and a discounted price, and you can easily use it outdoors during the autumn and winter seasons.

Depending on the user and region, this product can also be called casual shirt, casual shirt, winter shirt, seasonal shirt.

It is a standard size and is compatible with the 36-42 size range.

We sell wholesale clothing and wholesale hijab models for boutiques and stores.

To purchase wholesale clothes and see our special wholesale prices, it is sufficient to become a member of our site and send your information to our whatsapp line 0545 695 05 91 for approval.

Note: There may be a tonal difference in the color of the product due to the concept shots.

Washing: Wash at 30 degrees.
Tags: Stamp Shirt
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